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How do you meet real San Antonio Swingers?  It used to be much more difficult to meet real swingers in San Antonio or in most other parts of Texas for that matter.  When we 1st decided that we want to explore the swinging lifestyle we really had no idea if there were any real swingers here in San Antonio, and at that time there really wasn’t a San Antonio Swingers club either… at least not one that we could find any information on.

Fortunately for all of the sexy San Antonio area swingers, that has all changed.  We have a thriving SA Swingers community and they host Swingers parties of all kinds for all of us to enjoy.  Most San Antonio Swingers are members of the swingers website that was voted the #1 Real online Swingers Site in the USA in 2008 and is now the 3rd largest overall swingers site in the world.  The site is called Kasidie and it is a 100% real and legitimate swingers site.  It is not just posing as a swinger site like so many of the other sites do.  These are real people, real San Antonio Swingers.  They have a “certified feature” that makes absolutely sure that the people you see are who they say they are.  You WILL NOT FIND single males posing as women, or posing as couples like you will on many of the other sites.

Kasidie was built by real swingers, for real swingers.  You can find all of the BEST San Antonio Swingers parties with complete details about location, cost, any special them for the night, and you can even see the guest list complete with pics and a profile so you know who is attending.  The owners of the San Antonio Swingers Clubs are also members and often times offer special pricing for Kasidie members.  If you are serious about swinging in San Antonio then Kasidie is the best place to start.  You can start with a free profile by clicking here.  No Credit Card needed to sign up, although you may want to get an elite membership if you are serious about actually wanting to meet other San Antonio Swingers you will definitely want to get certified so that other San Antonio swingers know that you are real.

  1. Hello San Antonio Swingers! We are very interested in meeting other swingers in SA and attending a few parties at one of the San Antonio Swingers Clubs. Do we have to be members of one of the swingers sites to meet other San Antonio swingers?

    Comment by Carlos and Adriana — February 25, 2012 @ 10:11 pm
  2. Hello Carlos and Adriana! We just read both of your posts and will do our best to answer both. As far as meeting other real swingers, we don’t know of a better way than being on an authentic swingers site. Online sites have made swinging so much easier and we can’t imagine doing it without 1! We have tried 5 different sites and BY FAR our favorite is Kasidie! We love it and love all of the sexy people we have met there! ANYBODY can start with a Free account and see if they love it as much as we do!

    Comment by admin — February 29, 2012 @ 4:16 pm
  3. I used to be in the lifestyle many years ago. However, I lost my partner and when I re-married, my new ex had no interest. I loved the lifestyle, the great friends I had made, relationships that were formed and ability to express that sexual side that most people repress.

    I am a single male and would love to find a single female who is also open minded and enjoys the lifestyle but (at least in the past) single males are not allowed to go to the clubs without a partner. Is that still the case and if so, is there a site that allows singles in search of a partner to meet each other?

    Comment by Ron — April 4, 2012 @ 11:59 pm

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